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Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to afford this powerful image-enhancing process. We keep our overheads low so we can offer low prices without sacrificing quality or service. With Comet there are no setup fees and no hidden charges.

All prices shown are excluding VAT. Contact us for a quotation, discounted prices available on orders over 50.

Screen Printing Costs as per 1st February 2022

Screen printing is charged by the number of colours your design has.

Minimum order of 25 garments is required.


Screen printed on any one area of your garment. We can print up to 6 colours.

                                                                                                                Number of colours in design  
Number of garments 1 2 3 4 5 6
25 - 49 €2.50 €3.50 €4.50 €5.50 €6.50 €7.50
50 - 124 €2.00 €2.30 €2.70 €3.10 €3.50 €3.90
125-249 €1.50 €1.90 €2.30 €2.60 €2.90 €3.30
250 - 499 €1.10 €1.50 €1.90 €2.20 €2.50 €2.90
500-749 €1.00 €1.15 €1.30 €1.45 €1.60 €1.75
750 - 1000 €0.85 €1.00 €1.15 €1.25 €1.35 €1.45

For orders over 1000 units please Contact us for pricing.

Prices are exclusive of VAT and are for goods supplied by Comet Textile Printers Ltd.

If you want to supply goods please note a handeling charge will apply depending on the goods and whether they need to be unpackaged and repackaged. Please Contact us for Pricing.

If you are printing light colours onto dark background shirts, we may need to Flash Cure the garment and reprint to get the colour to stand up. This process takes time and therefore we must add a Flash Cure charge of €0.20 for the first time we have to do this and €0.10 thereafter. We will advise when we have seen your artwork if this is necessary.

Should you require a specific Pantone colour, we can supply these at an additional cost of 30 Euro per 1 Liter pot. This will be enough to print 500 Large prints or 1000 + Small prints. This will then be held in stock until used in full by the customer. Please allow 5 additional working days from placing your order as your ink will need to be ordered from Sericol.

Heat Sealing Pricing

Lazer Digital transfer Suitable for Cotton, Polyesther light coloured garments: (White, Yellow, Ash Grey, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Green)

Small chest logo From €2.50 - Large logo A 4 From €4.00


Vinyl Flex heatseal logo suitable for all garments where a small run is required: 

Small chest logo From €3.00 - Large logo From €4.00 


Sublimation suitable for Polyester garments:

Small chest logo From €3.00 - Large logo From €4.00 

Screenprinted Transfers suitable for all garments and for small runs that need to be repeated regularly. 

We can apply screenprinted transfers where the garment is not suitable for subjection to the heat of a dryer or your design requires more than 6 colours. We have these made off site and applied in our workshop. Pricing is dependant on the quanitiy and size of your design so please email with your requirements for full pricing. 


Embroidery Guide Price

A small left breast chest logo ranges from €4.00 to €5.00. All logos must be stitch counted for an exact price before proceeding. A Set up charge of €20.00 applies to all new logos.