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When to choose Heat Sealing?
Heat sealing is the most cost effective way of putting your design on a small number of garments or on garments with a lining that are not suitable for screen printing. There are Four types of heat seal graphics that we can use.

Cotton Sublimation :This is wherewe can add full colour graphics to cotton garments. This is suitable for white or light coloured 100% cotton garments. This process allows us to heatseal full colour graphics up to A3 size at a small cost. Call Aine for more details.

Polyesther Sublimation: Full colour designs gassed into 100% polyesther garments. This process allows us to add logos to Hight Viz vests and sportswear in up to A4 size.

Xpres Cut:This is where your logo is cut out of a foil in one colour at a time and heat sealed onto your chosen garment. This allows us to create a one or more colour logo and apply it to any garment including garments that are lined and not suitable for screen printing. This can be used for applying logos to nylon jackets, bags, umbrellas as well as shirts and sweatshirts. We can overlay two or 3 colours for a multi colour print but each colour is priced as a new logo.
Ultragraphics: This is where a full colour logo is printed on a foil which is then cut out and heat sealed onto a garment which is cotton or polycotton based. This allows full colour logo application for small numbers of garments.
What type of file can I submit?
- We prefer file formats such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or (.eps) files, Photoshop (.psd) or CorelDraw (.cdr).
- We also accept these type of files. .JPG .GIF .BMP .TIFF, for these types of files please make sure you send us the highest resolution and largest size of your image (300 DPI or greater preferred).

Always remember the better the artwork you send the better the shirts will look. Take time to get it right before you send it to us.
Where do I send my files to?
You can email files smaller than 5kb to